Carson City’s Alex Kapteyn restores 1890 Steinway piano

Alex Kapteyn of Central Michigan Piano in Carson City plays a Steinway piano built in that he purchased and restored from the late Dorothy Oliver, who owned the piano for approximately 60 years. Impressive on appearance alone, the instrument is an aging but beautiful work of art that Kapteyn has worked to restore throughout the past 10 months. From the lightest keystrokes in the upper register to tremendous base chords, his entire home fills with a sound that is deserving of a performance hall. Kapteyn, 53, has been restoring pianos Built in New York in by Steinway, Alex Kapteyn of Central Michigan Piano in Carson City now has a piece of history sitting in his home after restoring the piano. Kapteyn takes in old piano models and restores them. Built in in New York, Kapteyn said he appreciates the piano not just for its age and Steinway name, but also for its previous owner. She was one the finest violinists Greenville had ever seen, also having played the viola, cello and piano.

Steinway piano customers claim they were duped into ‘investment’

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(the “M” designates a Steinway grand piano model that is 5’7″ in length) and I wanted one dating from the ‘s – which many consider to be the golden years​.

By Post Staff Report. February 9, pm Updated February 9, pm. Angry buyers of Steinway pianos say they were duped by salespeople who told them the instruments would increase in value, though they actually plunge in price by 50 percent or more as soon as they leave the showroom floor, according to a report Saturday. Customers said they were shown charts of steadily rising prices for new models and were told that buying a Steinway made a better investment than Wall Street stock, the investigative journalism site said.

The Steinway Gallery in Virginia, where she bought the piano and where it has remained all these years, then repossessed it. Kilrea is trying work out a deal to complete the sale, but she needs to borrow from a third party to pay off the loan. Then you look at the secondary market and you see what prices are. It really shocks people. Steinway, a central part of Astoria since , when founder William Steinway set up shop there, is one of the few manufacturing plants still in New York.

All new Steinways sold in the U. Read Next. This story has been shared , times.

Piano Day Concert at Steinway Gallery Austin, TX

The Cunningham Piano Company has been a fixture in Germantown since Located at Germantown Ave. The Viennese-based company, founded in and now owned by Yamaha, has long been considered the finest piano maker in the world. It was the chosen instrument of the legendary Franz Liszt.

How old is my Steinway? To determine the age of a Steinway piano we need to first locate the serial number. On Steinway upright pianos the serial number can.

Ancient piano dealer established by Giuseppe Passadori Brescia, May the 20th , November the 17th He started the activity when he was sixsteen, restoring his first piano under the expert guide of his uncle Guglielmo Borghetti, organist and piano teacher, son of an ancient spinets producer one those spinets, dating back to late early , is preserved in our offices. From that very first restoration, Giuseppe Passadori laid the foundation of a passion that was going to become his job and his life, and then the life and the job of his whole family.

After the success of that first restoration, he became piano tuner and restorer full time, managing works of increasing complexity. Around the founder developed his businness introducing the new and second hand high-quality pianos’selling. With his sons, Piero, Enzo and Angelo the company gets bigger and the most important musicians of that time untrust their instruments to the Passadori Brothers’ careful hands, supported by the gifted tuner Werther Bettini Desenzano, Brescia

New Steinway Showroom Opens in North Ferrisburgh

Gardner, George M. John T. Cusack, Petery J. Davis, Steinway Musical Properties, Inc.

The company was founded in Manhattan in by Henry Engelhard, a German immigrant. Steinway piano factory. 2. The Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg.

After over a year of looking for a Steinway grand piano, I finally found “my baby” while looking through a huge row of covered pianos on their sides at JB Piano, in San Rafael. While we were walking through the back of his warehouse, looking at all the pianos, Glenn pulled one out and I immediately knew it was mine. And, after seeing what Glenn has achieved with other pianos in way worse shape, I agreed to buy it on approval.

Which means, I paid a deposit and when the piano is finished being restored, I could choose to pay the balance and buy the piano or my deposit would be refunded. It felt rough when I rubbed my hands over the finish. Here’s a picture of the cast plate with the piano model number M and the serial number. The first 2 digits designate the year of manufacture. On my next visit, the piano was in the laquer room and was getting it’s beauty treatment. The strings are off and the harp is going to get it’s beauty treatment, next.

At my next visit, the piano case was done!

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Steinway and Sons is perhaps the most recognized and revered brand of piano, dating back to And rightfully so! Steinway is an industry-leader and innovator with patents in piano making. To own a Steinway and Sons piano is an honor, an investment, and a legacy to leave for future generations. But this honor comes with a significant price tag. One option for those who would like to enjoy the beauty and richness of a Steinway piano at a lower price point is to purchase a used piano.

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Pearl River is capable of producing over , pianos a year, and exports them to more than 80 countries. Today Pearl River pianos are manufactured under a wide range of brands and levels. Each of these series have similar sizes with different scale designs, materials and different sound. Operations in Germany remain unchanged and the Schimmel factory is still managed by the Schimmel family. Pearl River also recently was awarded ISO , which is similar, but relates to environmental standards.

Pearl River is the first manufacturer in China to receive this award. Pearl River ran a company-owned US distribution until , when they turned the distribution over to North American Music. Pearl River was one of the first Chinese piano companies to market pianos in the United States under its own company name and have been well accepted by piano teachers and tuners.

Pearl River is also one of the world’s largest guitar and violin manufacturers, and is a primary supplier for the popular ” First Act ” brand of guitars commonly found at Target stores among others. The company also sells drums, brass, and woodwind instruments internationally.

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Producing high quality, handmade pianos since , Steinway has captured the attention of artisans and virtuosos alike and garnered the spot for some of the most valuable antique handmade pianos still in existence today. Nine out of ten concert pianists prefer Steinway over any other brand. Depending on the condition, age and value, an antique piano may or may not see a significant return on investment from restoration.

The Steinway & Sons Model B grand piano with an ebony satin finish, serial number B , dating to Together with an ebonized.

The sprawling building plant in Astoria, Queens, dates back to just after the Civil War, and its cumbersome products are still built largely by hand. The company’s acre complex in Queens is one of two places in the world where it still makes what are arguably the world’s most esteemed pianos, about a dozen a day, the same rate as a century ago.

Its pianos are used in 90 percent of concert performances worldwide, the company says. George Gershwin and Vladimir Horowitz played on Steinways. John Lennon composed ”Imagine” on one. Steinway undertook the five-year rehabilitation of the Astoria complex to meet the growing demand for its piano restoration service and for space to store parts. Altogether, an additional 27, square feet of space for building and restoring pianos has been found by reopening or reconfiguring existing buildings.

All this has taken place on the property where Steinway pianos have been built for almost years, ever since Henry Engelhard Steinway, a German immigrant, moved his factory and headquarters there from Manhattan between and Exteriors of the older red brick buildings on the fenced-in property at 1 Steinway Place remain much as they must have looked a century ago, solid and sturdy. The buildings range from square feet to 80, square feet, and from one to five stories.

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They started with the letter “A” code in , and I think I remember reading that they only skipped one letter i or o? Contact David Kirkland at the factory and he can probably set you straight. Sent from Mail for Windows Skip to main content Press Enter.

Steinway serial numbers. See below for the last serial number of a piano made within a given year. – – – – –​.

The victim of vandals in the s and years of neglect since, the Steinway B concert piano has seen better days. And it Terrebonne High School talent vocal instructor Ginny Medina-Hamilton and choral instructor Andy Messina have their way, the instrument will be returned to its original luster. The two instructors have set out to restore the Steinway to concert-worthy status.

Although beaten and barely able to hold a tune, the instrument is still valuable. What the parish paid for the piano when it was originally purchased no one knows. Medina-Hamilton and her class have spent countless days in the auditorium, armed with flashlights, searching for the missing numbers. Zeringue called the Steinway and Sons manufacturers in New York and gave them all the information about the piano. The store has since closed. According to Steinway and Sons manufacturers, the piano was designed for spacious homes, smaller recital auditoriums n like the one at Terrebonne High, and broadcast recording or professional studios.

Noted vocal instructor Robert Smith recalled the most jarring incident in Next year, Terrebonne High will reach a milestone, its th birthday. Toward that end, Messina and Medina-Hamilton have taken on the project of restoring the Steinway to its full splendor.

Alicia Keys and Steinway auctioning her signed piano to benefit MusiCares’ COVID-19 Relief fund

They’re the most famous pianos in the world — but how are they made? We went behind the scenes at Steinway’s Hamburg factory to find out. The company was founded in Manhattan in by Henry Engelhard, a German immigrant.

To find the age of your piano, first locate the serial number. On Steinway grand pianos the serial number can be found on the cast iron plate between the tuning​.

Continued pressure from less expensive yet high-quality pianos from Japanese makers like Yamaha and Kawai began to push Steinway from their position as the North American piano king. A number of their major American competitors were either long gone or in decline. In a new product was introduced by Steinway that was initially hailed and later reviled. That new product was the Teflon Bushing. The small bushings in the action and back action had traditionally been made of cloth, which was susceptible to changes in humidity.

Teflon was and is much more dimensionally stable and was not affected by these changes. It was hoped that this would be an improvement in the overall stability of the piano. Steinway contracted with outside companies for these bushings and soon launched them into use on all their New York built pianos.

Dating pianos by serial number

How old is my Steinway piano? We get these questions on a daily basis and we can help you with this! The serial number for Steinway pianos are located in several different places. The easiest place to find it is on the gold colored harp inside the piano. Also the Letter stamped in ink above the serial number is the model of the piano. For Steinway upright pianos you need to lift the pianos lid and look inside the piano, normally the serial number along with the model will be stamped in ink inside the piano, also on its harp.

Date of any roland hpie piano hpi Chickering is a steinway piano innovation, serialnumber, company history of the lid on a guide to suit all of.

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