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Participants currently come from a total of 40 countries. Holders of Japanese passports may participate in the programme, but must renounce their Japanese citizenship to do so. The number of alumni totals over 57, from 54 different countries. The English Teaching Recruitment Programme was started in and initially was exclusively for British university graduates. American teaching assistants were added under the “Monbusho English Fellows Program” beginning in As more countries were included, the programmes were folded into a single entity, the JET Programme, in

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However, today I want to delve into the nitty-gritty that is the application form. This form can make or break your chances of proceeding to the next stage of interviews, as there are specific requirements that need to be met. The application forms become available any time from September through to October. For example, the South African one can be found here.

The deadline for the application form is usually around the end of November to the beginning of December, in the case of South Africa it is November 13th.

Apply at least one month in advance of the date of expiry of your current visa JET Programme participants are eligible to receive a travel allowance for the.

Learn the language of Basho and Banana Yoshimoto. Make friends from all over the world. Read the newest manga and play the latest video games before your friends back home. Climb Mt. The Jet Programme has over 5, participants from 54 participating countries , mostly from English-speaking North America USA but including other language speakers from the U. Some JETs work at the same school throughout the length of their one-year contract; others visit a different school every week.

Some have every school vacation off; others are expected to come into work regardless. Some JETs end up in cities like Tokyo, Sapporo, or Hiroshima; others end up in farming or fishing hamlets scattered deep in the inaka, the countryside. During the application process you can ask to be placed in a particular city or prefecture. You can request to teach in one of the three levels of public school or to specialize in sports. Or you may opt out of teaching altogether and, if your Japanese language skills are up to the task, work as a coordinator in international relations.

JET Program

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The departure date is clearly outlined on the application form. If you accept a position on the JET Progamme, you must be prepared to travel from Canada in Group.

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We would like to thank participants and supporters for their understanding, and we will continue to do our best to protect the well-being of participants and update the community. Currently, there are no changes to the Regular Departure timeline for the JET Program, but applicants are strongly encouraged to periodically check their email for any updates and notifications. We thank you for your understanding.

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Promoting the JET Programme and Japan in Western Australia. This year’s seminar date is Thursday, 18 September Time is from pmpm.

The application and selection process for the JET Program is handled by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its embassies and consulates in participating countries. For country-specific information, please contact or visit the Embassy or Consulate General of Japan in your country of citizenship. Which are the countries participating in the JET Program? The JET Program welcomes citizens from the following 42 countries:.

What are the Eligibility Requirements? What is the Participant Selection Process?

JET Programme

The following responses to frequently asked questions are provided for the convenience of Toronto JET candidates for the JET Programme cycle, and are revised and updated periodically. Notification, by the Embassy of Japan in Ottawa, as to whether applicants have passed the paper selection stage to be invited to attend an interview. Second stage of screening process:Interviews.

What’s it like to teach English with Japan’s reputable Jet Programme? Alternates may be called in July or August, after the program’s July start date to fill​.

The JET Program has different departure schedule compared to previous years. Please bear in mind that your degree must be officially conferred by that date; simply completing all requirements for graduation is not sufficient. When applying, you must also provide an official statement from your college or university stating that you are currently enrolled and your expected date of graduation. Summer , etc. Yes, you need to obtain official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions you have attended.

If even one of these is missing from the transcript, you must obtain an official transcript from the transfer institution. You must apply to the JET Program via the country of your citizenship. To see full descriptions of eligibility criteria, please go to Eligibility Criteria page. The JET Program application has three medical documents associated with it.

Not every applicant has to submit all three, so read the following explanation carefully:.

IPTN speeds up N-2130 regional-jet programme

Applicants for the ALT Assistant Language Teacher position are not required to have prior knowledge of the Japanese language, although it is beneficial and highly recommended to have some speaking ability before going to Japan. Those applying for the CIR Coordinator for International Relations position must have at least a semi-advanced to advanced level of Japanese proficiency.

CIR duties usually involve translation and interpretation of official government communication, so as a benchmark applicants should have approximately JLPT level N2 or above Japanese proficiency in order to be considered eligible. There is no age limit to apply to participate on the JET Program. However, you should understand that the JET Program was conceived as a youth to youth exchange program.

Dating in another country can be difficult, especially if you have a limited grasp of the language. After living in Japan for about 2 years, I found.

There, we were given hours of lectures on what to expect in — and how to adjust to — the Japanese workplace. But somehow, after living in Japan for a period of time, most of us figure to balance our individual personalities with respecting local norms. I broke the first rule the first month I was living in Japan. My students were busy painting their team banners for sports day, so I decided to sit on a table to watch them.

The next few rules I broke revolved around kyuushoku , or school lunch. Compared to other cultures, Japanese people have a lot more rules of decorum when it comes to eating. And I did — only to start breaking them at other times. My bad. I should really have figured out that feet are considered dirty demons in Japan. In class one time, I had both my arms filled with whiteboards and markers so instead of using my hand, I closed the door of a locker with my left foot.

No face burning. To me, that dinner was a language exchange session, a platonic meeting.

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