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By Zoe Contros Kearl. Living in a dorm is a weird thing. Everyone is from somewhere else, there are a lot of different types of kids — whatever. Then you add the fact that kids are kids. It is what it is. Each dorm functions as a community.

Storrs Resident Assistant (RA) Information

Marshall RA Candidates chosen to move forward with our selection process will be contacted to participate in our Group Process Interview. The goal of our process is to continue to make applicants aware of Marshall culture and values and to observe how they work collaboratively with their peers. Finalists will be invited to meet with a Marshall Res Life professional staff member and a current RA to share more about their candidacy.

While her school has no written policy on these relationships, the students are well-informed that an RA should not date another RA or a resident.

Jump to navigation. If you have any questions about the RA application process, please email res-raselection email. The RA Job Expectations are updated each year. To be eligible for the Resident Assistant position, you must meet all the following requirements:. Candidates not meeting this criterion will be cut from the process. You must have spent at least one semester as a full-time college student at the University of Arizona to be eligible to apply.

You must be able to arrive on campus and attend, and fully participate, in Fall RA training and hall opening. Applying to be a Resident Assistant RA involves more than completing an application and interviewing; applying is a process. While the position comes with great rewards, it also can be demanding at times. Our application process is designed not only to ensure that we get the best candidates for the position, but also to provide the opportunity to make sure the RA position is the best fit for you.

The selection process begins in November when the RA selection website is updated with the new information for the next year’s staff. Information about the process will be distributed for promotion in November and January with information sessions and applications going live in early December. The process ends around spring break when candidates are notified of their selection status for the following academic year.

More information below:.

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See the Fordham Forward plan below, for extensive resources for students, parents, faculty, and staff. Full Details. We in the Office of Residential Life at Rose Hill have prepared some basic information for potential applicants in order to plan ahead and be aware of the upcoming process. If you have any specific questions about this process, please contact the Resident Assistant Recruitment and Selection Committee in the Office of Residential Life at or via e-mail at RARecruitment fordham.

RA Position Requirements · Be living on campus at Stamford or Storrs for fall · Have sophomore academic standing by the fall semester. · Continue to be.

Every college student has a different opinion of the resident advisors, or RAs, on campus. Some students develop close friendships with them that will last a lifetime, while other students grow a hatred towards them—probably because at least one RA has had to write them up or issue them a fine. I know it sucks dude, but come on. Some students see their RA as an older brother or sister. Some only look to their hall advisors when they are in need of help.

Of course, there are also students who will develop a crush on an RA or two as well. However, in my opinion, the luckiest guys and gals on campus are the ones who have the privilege of dating one. If you and your significant other are attached at the hip, like me and my boyfriend are, you go where they go.

On the bright side, if you live in a college town, it will be almost empty until the semester starts and traffic or crowded stores will not be an issue. It will feel like they’re expecting you to accomplish an impossible task, but with the help of each other, and a lot of glue, you always find a way to get it done.

Resident Advisors

Further, we seek to be the premier campus community in the country. Resident Assistants RAs are an integral part of furthering this mission and vision. We proudly commit to preparing our students and staff to thrive in a global community. We seek to understand and affirm all identities, engage in residential community dialogue, and promote an inclusive and supportive residential community environment.

A Resident Advisor(RA) is one of the live-in student staff positions that make up Applicants selected prior to the ALA start date of Friday, January 10,

We provide a safe and supportive environment promoting academic success, personal development, involvement in campus life, and understanding of intercultural issues. Resident Assistants RAs are full-time enrolled students who assist the Office of Residence Life in fostering growth and engaging in academic success, effective community engagement, intrapersonal development and cultural competency.

Through the creation of community, facilitation of events, and development of relationships during intentional one-on-one conversations, resident assistants provide opportunities for students to become citizen leaders within their community. RAs will participate in ongoing professional development related to policies, procedures, philosophy and learning outcomes established by the Office of Residence Life. We are excited that you are going to be a Resident Assistant!

The position of Resident Assistant is one of the most important, influential, and rewarding leadership opportunities available to for students. In addition to the information listed below, your supervisor will provide further, specific expectations for you community during Spring Orientation in April and Resident Assistant Training in August. In general, Resident Assistants must have no other commitments during residence hall and apartment opening and closing, training throughout the year and certain university events.

The major dates are listed below. Required dates are communicated when events and initiatives are confirmed. RAs may arrive beginning pm, August 7, and must arrive by 5 pm, August 9, ; Meal plans begin August 9, for dinner. RAs should communicate with their hall’s professional staff prior to arrival to arrange a check in time. Training starts August 9, at pm. RAs can expect full days of training including evening commitments.

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The RA is responsible for promoting the core values of Resident Education and Development to create an environment conducive to living and learning, to foster the personal growth of students and to build a sense of community within the residence hall system. Resident Advisors are supervised by Community Coordinators. We look for dynamic and responsible leaders to serve as RAs for the UC community. Information sessions will be available for interested students during the recruiting period.

Apply to be a CWU Resident Assistant (RA) for the academic year! Notice Type: Notices. Event Date: Thu, 01/03/ to Fri, 02/08/

Resident Advisors RAs are the face and voice of University Housing for the 8, students living on campus. RAs live with and develop positive relationships with every resident in their community. To support the community, this position requires both scheduled and unscheduled responsibilities; due to the nature of this position, hours are not consistent or easily translated into a specific number per week. You will have an opportunity to share your preferences prior to placement into a specific community.

In addition to the development of time-management and leadership skills, RAs are provided with a residence hall room or shared apartment and a meal plan. No portion of compensation may be redeemed for cash. The above text is a summary of the position responsibilities. We encourage you to review the RA Terms and Conditions which includes dates for the upcoming academic year. Give Today.

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Explore Residence Halls. Application Process. Apply to be an RA. On average, RAs work with residents. This requires you to be sensitive to the needs, values, and lifestyles of many different types of people. This kind of understanding takes self-confidence, openness, and strength of character.

Be sure to read over the Resident Assistant (RA) Position Description. Feb 15, Application goes live; March 31, Full consideration date; Late April.

The Resident Advisor is directly responsible to their Senior Resident. The Resident Advisor partners with Resident Staff as a whole to enhance the intellectual, social, and cultural experience of students at the University. They also represent the needs of their students. The Resident Advisor’s effectiveness is dependent upon the relationship they establish with the residents. This adult-to-adult, non-paternal relationship centers on the Resident Advisor’s sincere desire to encourage the development of a residence community that fosters personal and academic growth and, in the case of first-year and transfer students, eases the adjustment to University life.

The Resident Advisor is expected to incorporate these core values into their respective roles. In fulfilling their responsibilities, Resident Advisors look to the Senior Resident who provides supervision, advice, and overall coordination, along with the Chair s and HRL professional staff who provide additional advice and support. Additional responsibilities and expectations will be communicated during trainings and throughout the year.

Parking permits are not part of the Resident Staff remuneration. There is no requirement that any member of Resident Staff have a personal vehicle on-Grounds. The location and availability of parking is subject to change at any time. Skip to main content. Must be in academic good standing with their school of enrollment and must meet the minimum cumulative 2.

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