The Supper Club founder Duncan Cheatle talks cowboys, venture capital and safe spaces

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The growth of the gig economy and the emergence of portfolio careers means that job tenure is constantly shrinking. That poses challenges for any business. Anyone with experience of running an early-stage business, with lots of Gen Y staff, will know how hard it is to keep those staff for longer than a year or two. And, of course, averages cover a multitude of variations.

Imagine how much that is costing you on an annual basis.

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We live in an ever evolving world where many of the jobs of tomorrow and the companies of the future are yet to arrive. We should instil a love for learning in all of our people that continues when they move on. High performance flows from happy, engaged and ever developing employees. Learning, engagement and performance are intrinsically linked and any platform should reflect that.

Supper Club Founder Duncan Cheatle: Firms must connect with young jobseekers all year Think online dating, but for jobs. “Speedy, short.

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Most companies follow a thorough recruitment process with a relatively poor induction and onboarding experience. We know that the first few weeks and months after taking on a new employee are a crucial time for integrating them into their role within the company. But while it takes the typical employee eight months to reach full productivity, just one third of companies have onboarding programmes that last beyond a month, leaving new employees to largely figure things out for themselves.

Starting early and continuing later only extends these benefits and decreases the very evident risks of losing your carefully chosen candidates. If there is a week, month, or more before starting, have an induction plan for pre-starters. It should foster their desire to be part of the company, for example, by getting their manager to talk to them about the strategies and opportunities for the future and the mission and values of the company. And the induction plan should make them feel valued, so for example, you might send a card or letter, or arrange a quick congratulatory phone call from the CEO or other executive.

Day one onwards is a fairly intensive period of meeting people, getting to know the basics, and learning the fundamentals of the company and the job. This most often takes a week or two but can take up to a month or more. Induction should segue into onboarding, a lengthier but less intensive period of training and integration. And because they know how to do their jobs more effectively, the overall productivity during their working life is also higher: There are two main aspects to onboarding: training and development on the job, and integration into the culture of a company and a team.

Both are just as important for productivity and retention.

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I suppose, as a kid, you always have that wild ambition without any sort of limitation. I had no idea what it was. Supper Club events give founders an ideal peer-to-peer sidcussion environment. It lasted all of three days. Cheatle quickly realised that he found smaller business more exciting. He spent three years working with turnarounds and startups, mentoring and advising.

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